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About Larry

Born in 1955, Larry grew up in central Oklahoma, where at the age of 20, he met and two years later married Linda, the young lady who has now been his wife of 37 years and counting. After they both became believers in the Lord Jesus, Larry and Linda were married in October of 1977. In 1979, Larry began his theological/ministerial studies at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College, in Pineville, KY. After graduating in 1983 with his BTh, he pastored Baptist Churches in both Kentucky and Oklahoma.

While in Oklahoma, he was introduced to a Messianic fellowship, where he served as associate pastor from 1985 to 1988. In 1990, he began post-gradute study at Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY. While at Southern, he helped to start another Messianic fellowship. In 1994, he continued his post-graduate studies at the University of Biblical Studies and Seminary, in Bethany, OK., where he also taught undergraduate classes.

Beginning with his instruction at Clear Creek, Larry developed a hunger and love for the study of the Scriptures from the Hebraic perspective. However, it wasn't until his friendship with a Messianic pastor, that many of the keys to understanding began to fall into place. Since the mid-80's, he has devoted himself to the first century Hebraic approach to the New Testament and the insight that it might bring to others.

This is not a blanket acceptance of all things Jewish. Just because something is Jewish, doesn't make it right. In many ways, the traditional Jewish perspective is at odds with the revelation found in the New Covenant writings. What is needed, is an effort to understand the culture and history which helped form the writings of the New Testament, while being true to the fundamentals of the Faith. It is evident there are some areas where the Church from the second century and on, has went astray from the first century model. It has been a very rewarding journey, in which he has come upon some very profound discoveries, that the "conventional wisdom" has either missed or has chosen to willingly ignore.

His greatest hope and desire, is that believers will truly "chew the chud", as clean animals do. Hold to that which is good, spit out the rest. He believes that tradition must be challenged. It must be held up to the light of Scripture. If it agrees with the Written Word of God, then allow it to stand, but if not, then it must be tossed aside, and Truth put back in its rightful place.

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